Share a meal. Easy, delicious, quick. Starting at $5.99

Simple & delicious created for YOU

Choose ready to heat or ready to cook, these simple and delicious meals are made with your busy life in mind. Both options can be served in minutes with little to no clean up! We’ve got meals ready so you can make time for what matters most. Check them out in the Deli!

Ready to heat

Simply heat serve & enjoy.

Ready to Heat starting at $5.99. This meal option is pre-prepared or fully cooked and requires a quick heat-up. You can serve it right out of its original container!

Ready to cook

Freshly prepped to save you time

Ready to cook starting at $6.50 per person. This meal for two is uncooked and needs some type of prep. It can be heated in a pan on the stove, in the oven, or pop it in the microwave. These simple and delicious meals for two are made with your busy life in mind.

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Simple and delicious ready-made meals from BI-LO!

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