BI-LO - Season Ticket Giveaway -2019 Gamecocks season tickets or 2019 tigers season tickets

2019 Season Tickets

Earn a chance to win two South Carolina Gamecocks® or Clemson Tigers® lower level Season Tickets plus a $250 BI-LO gift card when you shop and spend $100.

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What are the dates of the promotion/contest?

Win 2019 Clemson or South Carolina Season Tickets – 11/14 – 12/31.

Why do you require a (significant) purchase for participation?

We thoughtfully invest in our sponsorships to provide value and unique experiences to reward our loyal customers

While we understand that the minimum purchase requirements are not insignificant for our customers, we believe that that the prize values far exceed the requested spend. Please see terms and conditions for list of prize values.

Why doesn’t my [total] purchase count towards registration?

Official rules of the contest dictate that certain non-grocery items, such as tobacco and alcohol, be excluded from promotional eligibility. This follows a long-established practice by SEG for similar “purchase to win” contests and abides by all accepted standard contest rules for participation in our states of operation

For a comprehensive list of excluded items, please visit:

Why has SEG chosen college vs. professional sports for sponsorship?

SEG is fortunate to have its roots in the Southeast, in which some of the most iconic college athletics and most celebrated athletes call home

We listen loudly to our customers and their passion and dedication for their favorite college teams in their communities is unsurpassed. The rivalries and traditions define so many of the communities in which we operate – and the games are often celebrated through rich and diverse culinary creations.

What information must be provided to register? Will it be kept confidential or safe?

Registration can be easily made through unique codes found on each qualifying receipt, and customers will need to provide their first and last name, email address, phone number, and SEG Rewards number

SEG is committed to protecting its customers’ personal information. Information for B-L privacy policy can be found here.

How many stores are participating in these promotions?

125 BI-LO stores throughout N. Carolina, S. Carolina and Georgia.

Do I have to purchase from a participating store to be eligible to win?

Yes. Only purchases from participating stores will be eligible for registration to win prizes. For a full list of participating stores, please contact or visit:

When and/or how will the winner(s) be notified?

The Grand Prize winner for both promotions will be notified by phone.

Winner will be notified within 72 hours.

Who can I contact for questions/for more information?

Those in need of more information can contact

Participants may also visit the following website for details on the contest:

Are associates eligible to participate?

Associates are not eligible to win any of the Grand Prizes.

To see our Official Rules, click here.

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