Happy easter - find some inspiration for your family easter celebration

Easter Tips

Sliced spiral ham

How to score a ham

A fully cooked ham has a layer of fat that we don’t want to remove for two reasons: there’s a lot of flavor on that layer and it’ll keep your ham really moist.

So what do we do? We score it. That means we take a knife and actually score or cut the outside of the ham in a diagonal pattern, cutting it about 1/3 of inch deep. Then cutting again, against the diagonal cuts to create a diamond shape. Next place it on a roasting pan cook it for 15 to 20 min per pound. The diamond pattern will open up and get crispy. That means the fat melted and basted the ham. The groves from scoring will help the glaze from dripping off, making the ham extra flavorful.

Sliced pineapple

Pick a Pineapple

When picking a fresh pineapple, look for a nice golden color – not completely green. Flip the pineapple over and give it a smell. When it is ripe, it will have a pleasantly sweet and fresh smell to it. If you cannot smell much of an aroma, it is probably not ripe enough.

Pile of fresh asparagus

Prepping asparagus

Take one asparagus stalk and bend it closer to the fibrous end, letting it break off naturally. To ensure uniform and even cooking, line up all the stalks on your board based on how the first stalk snapped off. Cut the ends off each stalk in the place in a line.

Easter Favorites

Candy, Lillies, Baskets, and more are all on sale at BI-LO.

Display of peas and carrots

Cooking frozen veggies

Buying frozen veggies can sometimes be a cost and time savings, but you don’t have to sacrifice on taste. When preparing, one rule always holds true: Do not boil. Boiling will add more moisture to the product, increasing the chances of an unpleasant “mushy” texture and the loss of water-soluble vitamins. So please skip the boil and simply steam, microwave, or sauté.

Slice of delicious apple pie on serving utensil.

Apple Pie Hacks

If a lattice top is too complicated, try an oat crumble topping! Just mix 1 cup rolled oats with ½ cup diced cold butter, 1 tsp vanilla, ½ cup brown sugar and a dash of kosher salt. Mix ingredients until well combined and sprinkle evenly over the pie. Cook pie until apples are soft, filling is bubbly and topping is browned. Or just swing by our bakery and pick up our award winning pies!

Sour Cream in bowl

Easy Dips with Sour Cream

Sour cream makes a great base for simple dips, perfect for a quick appetizer! Mix in buffalo sauce or Siracha for a spicy dip. Try ranch seasoning or dried dill, parsley & garlic powder for a flavorful blend. Sneak in some veggies with salsa or caramelized onions.

Easter plush stuffed animals - Unicorn, Bunny, and Duck

Keep the kids entertained

BI-LO has everything you need for your family Easter celebration - from table décor to all the favorites to fill the Easter baskets. Giant plush toys - sure to put a smile on their face. Egg dying kits – fun for the whole family. And of course, chocolate bunnies!

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