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Tips for Cold & Flu

Tips for Cold & Flu

No one likes to be sick! But in these late winter months, sometimes illness strikes even the toughest of immune systems. To help you be prepared in case a virus invades your home, follow these three tips to create your own cold and flu battle plan!

1. Keep your hands and surfaces clean.

Doorknobs, countertops, phones, and other commonly touched surfaces are often covered with bugs that cause infections. And if you are sick, your germs can easily be transferred to these surfaces, which may result in further spreading of your illness in your household. To reduce your risk of contaminating surfaces and your family, make sure to use disinfecting sprays or wipes to clean these surfaces and kill bugs. Always use tissues to cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze and when you blow your nose. And of course, make sure to wash your hands frequently, using hand sanitizers when hand washing isn’t possible. 


2. Stay hydrated.

Making sure you are well hydrated is one of the most important things to do when you are dealing with cold and/or flu. And it often takes more fluids than you would think to maintain a healthy hydration status. Even if you don’t feel like eating, it is important to frequently sip on water, juice, and even soup throughout the day.

When you are dehydrated, or at risk for dehydration and you need something more therapeutic than water, there is a new electrolyte drink available at BI-LO that can help quickly replace important electrolytes and fluids. Look for Bana® and Bana for Kids® in the water aisle. Both formulations are modeled after normal saline IV fluids used in hospitals and emergency rooms, so expect a saltier taste than your typical sports electrolyte beverage. Keep a few bottles chilled in the refrigerator just in case illness or dehydration strikes.


3. Seek advice.

Since it can be hard to distinguish the flu or a cold from other infections based on symptoms alone, you may need a doctor’s exam to find out what is really going on if you are not feeling well.

And remember that your BI-LO pharmacist can help you determine which over-the-counter medication may be best for you if you have a cold or virus that doesn’t warrant antibiotic therapy. Even if you are not sick, your BI-LO pharmacy has flu shots available so you can protect yourself against potential flu exposure.




Printed on August 21, 2014 at 2:01 pm