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Healthy Holidays

Healthy Holidays

The holidays are filled with parties, special dinners, candy and desserts. This is a favorite time of year for many, but for those who are trying to maintain their current weight or lose weight, it can seem like a stressful month of non-stop temptation. With a few easy substitutions and tricks, you can make it through the holidays, while still achieving your health and weight goals. Follow these tips to stay on track this season.

Bring a healthy choice

Don’t show up to a holiday party empty handed! Bring your own light dish with you. This will ensure that there will be at least one great choice available at the party and your host or hostess will appreciate your contribution. Some great take-along foods fit for a party include:

  • Veggie trays with black bean dip
  • Steamed shrimp with cocktail sauce
  • Dole® Tropical Fruit, drained, served with light yogurt dip
  • Wasa® Multi-Grain crispbread topped with hummus and slivered cucumbers
  • Whole grain wheat crackers with reduced fat cheddar cheese
  • Mini crunchy pizzas: Finn Crisp® Crispbread topped with a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil
  • Baked apples or pears
  • Strawberries drizzled with dark chocolate
  • NoPudge!® Fat Free Fudge Brownies
  • A bottle of Kristian Regále Sparkling Pear beverage instead of an alcoholic drink

Coffee shop flavor without the coffee shop price

Cappuccinos are expensive at your local coffee shop, and buying a fancy machine to make your own at home seems a little over the top. When cappuccino is what you crave, try Caffe D’Vita® instant cappuccino mixes. Unlike other instant cappuccino mixes, Caffe D’Vita® contains NO partially hydrogenated oils, NO trans fats, and it comes without the coffee shop price. It’s great for mixing into baked goods to add a mocha flavor to your favorite cakes, brownies and cookies during the holidays. It’s also a great gift idea too.

Healthy stocking stuffers

Its fun to find treats in your stocking on Christmas morning! Instead of candy, give these goodies to your loved ones this holiday.

  • Oranges, clementines or grapefruits
  • Dole® Real Fruit Bites on-the-go snacks
  • Energy bars or gels for the athlete in your family
  • Unsalted trail mix or nuts
  • Low-fat granola bars
  • A BI-LO gift card

Don’t forget the gluten-free snacks!

For those who need to follow a gluten-free diet, holiday parties and events can often be difficult to navigate. For a tasty, convenient gluten-free snack that everyone will enjoy, serve Riceworks® Chips. Your loved ones with celiac disease will appreciate the gesture, while your other guests will enjoy the flavor! 



Printed on July 22, 2014 at 11:01 am