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Germs be Gone!

Germs be Gone!

Fall is a fun time of the year, but unfortunately it’s prime time for cold and flu too! According to the CDC, up to 20 percent of the US population may catch the influenza virus this year.  Do your best to prevent cold and flu this season by following these tips.

Six Ways to Help Prevent Illness, Cold and Flu

  1. Talk to your healthcare provider about getting a flu shot. Flu vaccines are available at all BI-LO Pharmacy locations. Talk to your BI-LO pharmacist for more details.
  2. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. When you are sick, avoid close contact with others, to help prevent spreading your illness.
  3. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Use warm water and soap and wash for at least 20 seconds. Reach for Kleenex® Hand Towels to dry hands completely. These disposable towels are especially great to help prevent cross contamination in a household where one person is sick, but others are not —
    nobody wants to share a dirty towel with someone who’s under the weather!
  4. Keep your hands off viruses. Doorknobs, countertops, telephones, and other commonly touched surfaces are often covered with bugs that cause infections. Use Clorox® Wipes to disinfect these areas and help prevent accidental spread of illness.
  5. Support intestinal health with prebiotics and probiotics. Our intestines are full of bacteria, both good and bad. The good bacteria are helpful in keeping our immunity strong by fighting off bad bugs. Prebiotics “feed” the good bacteria, while Probiotics are actual good bugs that we can consume to help build the supply in our intestines. Cultured yogurt and Greek yogurt are good sources of probiotics. Ensure® Immune Health is a good source of prebiotics, and is particularly helpful for those that have a hard time consuming adequate calories and protein.
  6. Stay regular with fiber. Our intestines are home to about 70 percent of our bodies’ immune function, so a healthy intestinal tract is likely to make a healthy you!  Make sure to eat lots of high fiber foods to maintain bowel regularity and help your body eliminate waste. A great time to fuel up with fiber is at the beginning of the day with a bowl of Kashi® GOLEAN or Kashi® Heart to Heart cereal with 8 ounces of skim milk. Each serving provides at least 5-10g of fiber.

What Do You Do if You Get Sick?

  1. Drink up! Drink lots of fluids to maintain a healthy balance of fluid and electrolytes in your body. Fluids to choose when you are feeling under the weather include:
  • Water, such as Aquafina®
  • Hot tea or iced tea, such as Salada® Green Tea
  • Juices, such as Knudsen® 100% Natural and Organic Juices
  • Hot soups and broths, especially long time favorite Campbell’s® Chicken Noodle Soup
  1. Rest and stay home. Your body needs the rest to recover, but your coworkers, friends and classmates don’t need your germs.
  2. Visit your healthcare provider. Since it can be hard to distinguish the flu or a cold from other infections based on symptoms alone, you may need a doctor’s exam to find out what’s really going on if you are not feeling well.




Printed on August 22, 2014 at 1:54 am