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Be Earth-Friendly and Save Money

Be Earth-Friendly and Save Money

Follow these tips to help you stay on budget while also being environmentally friendly:

  • Choose gifts that come with little or no packaging, or are packaged in easily recyclable materials.
  • Bring your own shopping bags with you to carry your purchases home without using paper or plastic bags.
  • Save foam peanuts, bubble wrap or other packing materials and re-use them for gifts you will give to others.
  • Save gift wrap from gifts you receive and re-use it. Recycle any gift wrap that you choose not to use again.
  • Create your own gift wrap from outdated maps, comic pages, newspapers, wallpaper scraps, shopping bags, or any other oversized papers you may have on hand. Decorate blank paper with your own holiday design. Better yet, let your kids decorate paper for a homemade gift of art!
  • Wrap gifts in other gifts such as towels, scarves, baskets or tote bags.
  • Save holiday greeting cards you receive and cut up their covers to make gift tags for next year.
  • Use LED holiday lights to help save you up to 90% on energy costs compared to traditional holiday lights
  • Use solar-powered LED lights for outdoor decorations.



Printed on July 23, 2014 at 1:27 pm