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Build a Better Plate

Build a Better Plate

Do you get confused by nutrition advice sometimes? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Luckily, a simplified nutrition guidance system has replaced the confusing old food guide pyramid. The USDA has now released the MyPlate concept, which clearly shows what your plate should look like at breakfast, lunch and dinner. At last – a system that helps us visualize how we actually eat our food…on a plate!

The simple message of MyPlate is this: make ½ of your plate fruits and vegetables, make ¼ of your plate grains, and make ¼ of your plate protein. Add a serving of dairy to your meal to round it off, and that is it. Easy!

When you are shopping at BI-LO, use our Nutritional Tags to help you make better selections for building your plate. Here are the tags to choose for each food group:

Protein/Meat Group – Choose meats labeled as Lean, Extra Lean, and/or Omega 3. 

Grains Group – Choose grains that are tagged as Good Source of Fiber, Whole Grain, and Sensible Carbs.

Dairy Group – choose dairy products that receive a Calcium tag. This means it has at least 100mg of calcium per serving.

Fruits and Vegetables – You can’t go wrong when you choose fresh fruits and vegetables from Walter’s Produce! Fill half of your plate with Walter’s produce for better health. 




Printed on August 23, 2014 at 1:32 am