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Gold Star Pork

Gold Star Pork

Experience the superior flavor of BI-LO's Gold Star Pork. Raised by a select group of certified, independent farmers who meet the industry's most demanding standards for freshness and quality, Gold Star Pork's high-quality hogs are the best-of-breed, including Hampshire, Landrace, Berkshire and Duroc stock.

Fifty percent leaner than the pork of the past, Gold Star Pork undergoes a deep-chill "snap" process that locks in flavor and guarantees amazingly tender, juicy pork chops, loin roasts, and ribs for the grill.

Gold Star Pork is USDA approved all-natural and phosphate-free, providing tasty and healthy meals for you and your family. BI-LO is the only local grocery store that offers nutritious and delicious Gold Star Pork.

Try it on your table today!

Printed on July 30, 2014 at 9:07 am