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Lip Lickin’ Chicken

Lip Lickin Chicken Lip Lickin Chicken Lip Lickin Chicken

The minute you step into your local BI-LO Deli you know it’s true: the irresistible aroma assures you that your search for the freshest hot chicken is over.

We prepare our chicken right in-house at your BI-LO Deli. We use fresh chicken that has never been frozen, and the highest-quality, tastiest ingredients and techniques.

All the combinations below are available at the hot bar at your local BI-LO Deli. Additional quantities are available for party trays.

Fried chicken

Double-breaded using a top-secret blend of seasonings and fried up three times a day, our fried chicken beats any store’s or restaurant’s. And it has zero trans fat and no MSG.

Fried Chicken Deli Options:

  • 2-Piece: White or Dark Meat
  • 8-Piece: Hot or Cold
  • 12-Piece
  • 24-Piece
  • 32-Piece
  • 64-Piece
  • 96-Piece

Rotisserie chicken

Our plump and juicy rotisserie chickens are roasted fresh daily. Take one home tonight for an easy, delicious, healthy meal.

Rotisserie Chicken Deli Options:

3 Flavors: Traditional, Barbecue and Lemon Pepper 
Approximately 3 lbs. cooked weight
Serves approximately 3-4


Bone-in and boneless chicken wings are hits at every event. BI-LO offers buffalo (original and extra-hot), BBQ (honey and Cajun) and teriyaki to satisfy everyone in your crowd.

Chicken Wing Deli Options:

6 Flavors: Plain, Buffalo, Cajun, General Tso, Teriyaki and Honey BBQ

Lip Lickin' Fried Chicken Tenders
they are $5.99/lb.

Lip Lickin’ Fried Chicken Tenders

Our double-breaded, crisp and juicy chicken tenders are prepared fresh throughout the day to offer tender perfection in every bite.

Chicken Tenders Deli Options:
3 Tender Combo: 3 tenders, 2 sides, and a roll – Single serving

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